Location: Kohler, WI
Participants: 20

Day One: Irish/Meadow Valleys
Day Two: The Straits
Day Three: River/Meadow Valleys
Day Four: Meadow Valleys/Irish

2017 was quite a departure for the Kauflin Invitational. After focusing on value and budget for many years, I decided to take advantage of my increasingly strong relationship with Destination Kohler and share my world with my closest friends. I announced our plans at a luncheon Powerpoint presentation during the 2015 trip so that everyone could prepare. I knew that about half the room would have no interest in spending some decent money on a full fledged Kohler trip, but I also knew this special trip would bring out some special attendees. We ended up with 20 golfers on the nose and went full Ryder Cup style for our group photo. The story behind that photo, taken in the upstairs pub at Whistling Straits, is one I will tell for years to come.

Overall we had some spotty weather here and there, but I believe the trip was an unmitigated success! Not only did we end up playing 7 rounds over the four days in Kohler, but we had some great dinners together and even took over one of the breakfast nooks at the Inn on Woodlake for some late night poker. We took full advantage of the resort, hitting the hot tub at the Sports Core a couple different times. Getting to share this special destination with my brother and my dad is something I will cherish forever. If you are not interested in looking at photos from each individual day of the trip, click on this link to my BEST OF 2017 KI PHOTOS