This is the plan for 2021: I have a very special trip planned for a small group to Northern Ireland.  I am really excited to make an international trip for the first time and share one of my favorite spots with my friends. I know it will be great, but I know this trip is not for everyone. Not only is the price tag more than a lot of you would want to spend, but there is not a ton of room as I didn’t want to take an over-sized group overseas for our first venture of this kind.

But since we have NO IDEA if international flights will be happening by May 2021, I have decided to book a standard KI trip back in Mesquite, Nevada for the same week. Either 12 of us go to Ireland and the rest of you go to Mesquite, or we all go to Mesquite. I am booking the Mesquite package for 32 golfers at this point. Please click on the itinerary links below to see dates and pricing for both trips. Jason

Northern Ireland
May 1-9, 2021

Mesquite, Nevada
May 4-9, 2021